About Us

CINéSYN makes explainer videos for companies like eBay, Wonderloop, Santander, and DNB. Our high-quality animation, professional voiceover actors, and killer scripts set us apart from the competition. With offices in New York and Oslo, Norway we’ve produced videos in many different languages for lots of international businesses.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help your customers and investors get it. We want your target market to watch your video and immediately understand what your product does and how they can benefit from it. Our explainer videos explain everything – they answer questions, overcome objections, and get people to buy in less than two minutes.

Staff Bios

Meet the dream team behind the screen.

Sigurd Kvernmoen

Director, Producer

Hobbies: Food, soccer, architecture, and travel. Eating good food in an architecturally creative soccer stadium overseas would make him very happy.

Favorite Color: Red or white (does that mean pink?)

Fun Fact: Worked as a prison guard in a high-security facility


Mila NektarijevicMilica

Personal Assistant to Director

Hobbies: Learning new languages (she already speaks seven!) and throwing javelins

Favorite color: Blue

Fun Fact: Can do a deep squat with 220 lbs (100 kg) of weights. Between that and the javelin throwing, this is one tough cookie. Good thing she is so nice!


Gregory MyhreGreg

Voice Over

Hobbies: Starting theater companies, writing plays, and acting in said plays. He’s a bona-fide one-man operation.

Favorite color: Black

Fun Fact: Has two pugs that he loves more than he could love human babies


Hilde SkappelHilde

Voice Over

Hobbies: Riding bareback on 35-year-old Norwegian ponies, translating Pokémon’s English Thunder Bolts to Norwegian Thunder Bolts, doing slightly unstable pirouettes and razor-sharp chair poses, and avoiding pretending to be Jodie Foster

Favorite Color: Emerald green

Fun Fact: Has two purple IKEA bedspreads in two different countries on two different continents


Elaina RobbinsElaina

Script Writer/Editor

Hobbies: Singing songs she makes up on the spot while refusing to admit the neighbors can hear her, listening to deeply political podcasts while jogging, and attempting to learn too many languages at once

Favorite Color: Aquamarine

Fun Fact: Prefers chocolate with a minimum cocoa content of 75% and gets crabby if she doesn’t eat it every day



Project leader

Hobbies: Eating chocolate with whole nuts, buying airplane tickets, dancing, trying out new Asian recipes and hanging out in nature.

Favorite Color: All shades of green.

Fun Fact: I am just a simple (who am I kidding, I am a woman after all) Colombian salsa dancing foodie, who loves the idea of having a dog called Chilly.



Project leader

Hobbies: A selfie food professional and a dedicated wine geek, seeking new flavors and cuisine (spicy is her favorite). Travel addict amazed with Asia, currently learning the Malaysian language (don’t ask her why ?!). She hates watching football as much as she loves photography; her goal is to have a friend in every country and build a huge wall of photos with her visits to their places.

Favorite Color: Yellow, the color of a sunny life.

Fun Fact: She uses honey both for her toasts and as a face mask. Adventurous at heart, she jumped 70 meters from the top of a bridge facing the sea!