You Tried Product Introduction Video and Failed

You Tried Product Introduction Video and Failed. Wanna Know Why?

After much inter-departmental wrangling and tons of hard work, your company furnished itself with a product introduction video. Even people who opposed the idea were probably rejoicing in secret. Imagine that! Your company had a video under its belt, just like all those snazzy tech startups the media seem to love. But then the excitement wore off and reality asserted itself when your team realized that the video you fought so hard for was a flop. The questions started pouring in: why, how, who’s to blame? It was a blow, no doubt about that, but don’t be too quick to scratch off the product introduction video for good. The truth is that many fail for one reason or another. If it was your first attempt, chalk it up to growing pains and try to identify the mistakes you made.
google seo explainer video

The SEO Explainer Video: Increasing Traffic, Conversions, and Rankings

When you want to promote your SEO business, there is no doubt you have the SEO part down well. However, you can take your marketing a step further with an SEO explainer video that gives a short and entertaining explanation of your services. The explainer video is a way to tell your story so that those watching can better connect with you. This connection can lower bounce rates and increase conversion rates. The video is also a great tool to generate interest on social media and pull people to your website. You can even improve your SEO rankings, making the explainer video a vital part of your SEO strategy.
A company video can really help you in this day and age of digital advertising

Company video: Cut through the noise with the power of visual story-telling

We have been complaining about noise in the physical world for decades. Now we also under attack from all the noise coming from the digital world. Information overload is the bane of the modern age. The internet and mobile devices have made it possible to access any information in seconds, wherever we may be. However, we are also bombarded by messages and content we don’t actively seek out. This state of affairs makes it extremely difficult for brands to stand out and be heard. Marketing has become a form of high art. The techniques and approaches that worked in the analog age can’t do the job nowadays without adaptation. But there is one marketing form that requires little tweaking and works perfectly for the new realities. This is the company video and it’s the pillar of the most powerful marketing trend at present – video marketing.
Animation videos can make your marketing go kaboom!

Animation Videos: Scoop Of Information + Splash Of Entertainment = Marketing Kaboom!

Social media are the marketing channels a company can’t afford to ignore nowadays. But it also can’t ignore the fact that people visit these platforms to get informed AND entertained. You’ve probably guessed already: video has the highest entertainment value. This means that the Holy Grail of marketing success might be something as simple as combining information and entertainment in videos. Can you really think of a better way to achieve it than using animation videos? When your business deals in complex products or services, you should put this format very high on your marketing agenda. Let’s see why you should take that statement seriously.
Avoid these mistakes with your startup videos

Startup Videos: 8 Usual Mistakes You Don’t Want To Do

You have eight seconds to grab people’s attention when they visit your website. Eight seconds isn’t very long, so you need to find a way to deliver a lot of information quickly. That is exactly why successful companies use startup videos. When made correctly, these videos start with a bang, hooking viewers immediately. Perfectly crafted explainer videos keep people watching well past that eight second mark. What happens if your video is less than perfect?
Whiteboard animation was a good start, but you can find higher quality in custom animation

Dare To Reach Higher: Why Whiteboard Animation’s Best Days May Be Behind It

Unless you’re an alien crash-landed on Earth or a babe in arms, you’ll know YouTube. And while feasting on that video smorgasbord, you’ve probably sampled quite a few whiteboard animation videos. They can show you all kinds of things such as how to make a killer PowerPoint presentation, how to get the best price for your home, how crowdfunding works or which insurance product you should consider buying.

Separating Fact From Fiction In the Digital Age

Have you ever clicked on a news article only to realize that it’s an advert in disguise? If so, you’re not alone. Native advertising is on the rise, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between reliable facts and subtle advertisements.

3 Ways Explainer Videos Help the Medical Industry

I have to get your attention quickly! This is important! Within 15 seconds you’ll decide whether you will stay on this page and read how explainer videos can help the medical industry or whether you’ll switch to Facebook or Google. At least, that’s what one study suggests, and in today’s Internet age it is more important than ever for businesses to capture their audience immediately.

7 Tips on How to Create An Insanely Great Explainer Video Script

No matter how cool the animation or how silky the voiceover – the crucial part of any explainer video is the script. Getting the most out of your explainer video means understanding how the script shapes your entire message from start to finish. After all, the script isn't just the voice you hear while the pictures change. The script is what makes the pictures change, driving your video forward and getting your message across.

The Wonderful World of Explainer Videos (and how they increase conversions)

50 years after American showman Bobb Goldsteinn coined the term multimedia, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without it. Simply put, multimedia is content that uses more than one form of content to relay its message, and countless studies have shown that customers remember more information when it’s presented to them by means of verbal and visual forms. In 2012 Liz Fitzgerald, a lecturer from the Open University Institute of Educational Technology, presented a study showing that out of 211 undergraduate students, 95% were visual and bimodal (no preference) learners and only 5% were verbal. In other words: almost all of your customers will prefer multimedia content over a boring website to understand your business.

Why Animation is better than Live Action for Technology Companies

Technological products are difficult things to explain. The average Joe or Jane walking down the street doesn’t know the ins and outs of cloud services, 4K film, hosting servers or a wireless versus wired Internet solution. Nor do they have an interest in sitting through hour-long videos that explain the intricate science that goes into making all of the technology that surrounds and work to our advantage in everyday life.

Great Tech Companies That Rely on Explainer Videos

Since the arrival of the explainer video, thousands of companies have started implementing this tool in order to convey their business and product messages in an entertaining and engaging way. And of course, it didn’t take long for some great tech companies to realise that a good video clip was just what they needed to introduce a new product to the public.

A Product That Was Impossible to Explain…

Sometimes through the course of history, a truly remarkable invention is born. The wheel, the compass, the printing press, the telephone.. and the Internet. Of course, none of these products’ inventors had explainer videos to help them convince the world of their incredible magnitude. Luckily, the same doesn’t go for the new technological products and services that arrive on the market in our world today. We have the history of scientific knowledge to help us in our quest to convince the globe’s population of our genius. But still, how do you explain the brilliance of a product that is so complex even its creator has a hard time putting into words what she has accomplished?

Five Great Ways to Use an Explainer Video

Whether you represent a large, well-established business or a smaller one just getting off the ground, you might wonder about the need for explainer videos. Will they increase your revenue? Your customer reach? And can they even begin to do the same job as you or one of your employees already does for your business and products? Explainer videos are wonderful tools that take the bumps and challenges that often occur as a result of misunderstandings between a business and its customers out of the equation. Here are five great ways to use them.

The Ultimate Guide to a Tech Explainer Video

Being a tech entrepreneur isn’t easy. It’s not all the glamorous nap pods and free gourmet meals we see in the movies. On top of the countless hours you spend working on every aspect of your business, you probably spend many more hours enduring nightmares about your venture wilting and shriveling into oblivion. Thankfully, a tech explainer video is one thing you don’t have to worry about; in fact, it may even soothe your fears.


Explainer videos aren’t an uncertain financial risk. Investing in one is a calculated and tested business move that helps your startup balloon. Explainer videos have soared in popularity over the past few years because they fertilize online business ventures, turning them from thirsty seedlings into flowering electronic beauties. If you are thinking about ordering one for your business, congratulations: you are about to make one of the best business decisions of your career. Continue reading →

Explainer Videos Explained: The Dropbox Case

An explainer video is exactly what it sounds like – a video that explains what a product or service does and why customers should buy it. This type of video is so effective that it is becoming more popular, with big names like Facebook and Google using it as much as startups. Statistics show that website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video. A successful explainer video is produced professionally, is short, and includes a call to action at the end, and many of them use animation rather than live-action techniques. Now we’re going to talk a close look at the Dropbox explainer video.
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Imaginative Marketing? Common, Stupid Marketing Mistakes

Let’s face it. Marketing mistakes are going to happen from time to time, even to the biggest of companies. The key is to be able to spot a potential disaster before it happens. Some companies like Vodafone and Panasonic have found themselves in hot water in recent years due to some reckless blunders. Here are but a few ways any company can find themselves harming their brand thanks to some poor and often completely idiotic marketing strategies. Continue reading →

Advantage Internet: 5 Types of Online Video Advertising

When YouTube created a place to store and show videos online in an easy and simplistic fashion companies saw their way to advertise and self promote through the medium of online videos. Most companies define their online presence through inventive advertising but a few provide videos to enlighten a viewer as to their strategy. What follows is an exploration of five ways companies, groups and productions use online videos to expand their audience. Continue reading →

New Worlds: The Animation Software That Gets You There

The approach to creating films like Epic, The Croods and Brave may seem similar, they are all animations after all but when it comes to the machinery and animation software used to create these visual spectacles, they couldn’t be more different and the advances made in animation programming in recent years have changed not only the films animators are showing but the things they can show in them. Continue reading →

Explainer Video – Examples of use and effect

We all know that in the current difficult economic climate one of the few places that is truly safe for business is the internet, with internet billionaires ranging from the co-founders of Google to the leaders of China’s largest dating agency - it’s quite clear that there are some big bucks to be made online. And a tool for doing that is through the explainer video.

Promotional Video Market Use

Reaching out to customers in a unique and innovative way is becoming harder and harder these days, companies both big and small are bending over backwards to make use of the wonders of the internet; suddenly using social media, viral advertising and promotional videos to raise awareness and entice new customers. This blog aims to explore how and why producing short informational videos is the way forward for small and large companies alike.

Thanks to websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn a number of companies have noticed a significant rise in their online traffic, whilst others have found themselves left in the dust of huge corporations such as Amazon. Yet there is a form of internet promotion that few of the worlds leading companies have yet to cotton on to; promotional, informational videos, webisodes, call them what you like, but a surprising majority of the biggest companies in the world have failed to utilize this increasingly popular trend. Continue reading →

Power of Video Advertising: History’s Best Advert Gems

Successful video advertising campaigns have changed a lot over the last 100 years, moving from print to screen and now to digital, and each one utilizing its medium in its own unique fashion.

This article will take a look at a small selection of the most popular and effective video advertising campaigns of the last 100 years; considering what made them popular, why they were so effective and how – some of them – made an impact on new and emerging sectors of the media industry. Continue reading →