We specialize in explainer video production for tech firms. Getting users and investors to understand what you do is a constant struggle in the tech industry. An explainer video breaks down your service so people GET IT, leading to increased interest and sales.


What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a 1-2 minute video that explains a product or service and what it can do for customers. These videos often use animation for a light, catchy presentation. Explainer videos describe a product more quickly and efficiently than written words can.

Why Get An Explainer Video?

Why should you invest in an explainer video? It’s all in the facts.

words are 20th

1. Words are So 20th Century

Text Vs Video for explainer video production

The internet conditions users to spend as little time as possible on material that does not capture their attention. Current statistics suggest that people read only 28% of the words on a page, and thanks to the internet, most human beings now have a shorter attention span (8 seconds) than a goldfish (9 seconds).

For companies with a multifaceted product, shortened attention spans spell disaster. Sticking to text explanation also makes companies seem archaic, and no tech company wants to seem old-fashioned.

Conversely, the video is the darling of the internet age. An immediate hook, like a video, is the only thing that keeps visitors on a website for more than a moment. In one Forbes poll, half of consumers reported watching marketing videos on YouTube at least once a week. It turns out there’s a reason consumers prefer video over text…

video is worth

2. A Video is Worth A Thousand Pictures

People respond better to images than to written explanations, particularly when a complex and new idea is involved. A video constantly feeds viewers new material, breaking through short attention spans and sparking interest. According to one study, a single minute of explainer video is worth 1.8 million words. People retain 40% more information from explainer videos than from text, and 90% say that explainer videos are helpful.

So, not only are people more likely to pay attention to video marketing, they are more likely to understand a product when it is presented in this medium. This also means that, after watching an explainer video production, consumers are more likely to make a purchase. Sources suggest 64% of consumers are more likely to buy after viewing a video.

Not only do explainer videos encourage people to buy, they also market themselves because….

people share videos

3. People Share Videos

A clever explainer video can go viral. Several companies, including DropBox and Salesforce, have had explainer videos go viral. These two companies saw conversion rate increases of 10 and 20%, respectively.

An interesting explainer video production has the potential to skyrocket to fame in today’s social media climate, reaching millions of potential customers. When was the last time you heard of a text product pitch going viral?

CINéSYN’s Approach to Explainer Video Production

explainer video production process

CINéSYN creates simple, polished videos that get your point across to consumers and investors. We work with you to form a concept, script, narration from a NYC professionally trained actor / actress, and aesthetic that perfectly fits your company. Further on, our full-range choices of motion graphics, 3D, or animation ensure a customized result and gives off an excellent first impression.

To get started, CINéSYN learns about your product through your website and marketing materials. We talk to you to find out your ideas and desires for the video. If possible, we survey your customers to find out their initial questions marks when introduced to your product or service. This allows us to address those burning questions right off the bat, paving the way for the buy now button… After generating the script in collaboration with you, we get started on animation and you can relax. Our service includes unlimited revisions till you are satisfied.

Our focus on quality and customer service means that our clients leave with beautiful, effective explainer videos. Watch some of our videos to see for yourself.

 30 seconds1 minute90 seconds
Style matched to company brandprice-checkprice-checkprice-check
Unlimited revisionsprice-checkprice-checkprice-check
NYC Actor's Voice-Over (or native language)price-checkprice-checkprice-check
Sound Designprice-checkprice-checkprice-check
Average production time4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks
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