I have to get your attention quickly! This is important! Within 15 seconds you’ll decide whether you will stay on this page and read how explainer videos can help the medical industry or whether you’ll switch to Facebook or Google. At least, that’s what one study suggests, and in today’s Internet age it is more important than ever for businesses to capture their audience immediately.

Consumers devour information, but move on at such a rapid rate that companies need better ways to keep the buyer on the page longer. This is especially troubling for medical and healthcare companies whose complicated systems need consumers to remain on their site for long enough to understand what they have to offer.

There’s no question that the medical industry is the biggest industry in the Unites States. It makes up 8% of the country’s GDP and the National Health Expenditure is soaring over 3 trillion dollars. Despite the industry statistics, studies show that consumers know relatively little about the medical industry, how it operates, and how to choose between medical companies.

Advances in technology and the ever-evolving medical industry is a confusing landscape for consumers to navigate even though the information is at their fingertips. Medical companies address this on their webpages with “About Us” and “How it Works” sections, but these bits rely on the outdated concept that a buyer will read and analyze these writings when making a decision. That simply is not true of today’s customers. Explainer videos are quickly becoming the go-to for relaying information in a way that is satisfying for consumers. Here are three ways explainer videos help the medical industry:

I Educate the public

Explainer videos fix the gap between consumer attention span and company marketing. This is especially important for medical companies who want to build customer understanding in order to promote consumer loyalty. Light, fun animation, catchy music, and 1-2 minutes of service clarification is proven to keep buyers on the page longer and increase the potential for sales.

Furthermore, explainer videos are great for any company in the medical industry from a medical equipment business who wants to elucidate the process for obtaining a hospital bed to a pharmaceutical company clarifying their drug purchasing options. The videos are also great for hospitals who want an innovative approach for getting information out about anything from patient interaction to doctor recruitment to ground-breaking medical advances.

II Reach new audiences

Consumers no longer want the hassle of studying and evaluating text when deciding between options. Appealing to the buyer in the contemporary world leads to customers that cultivate brand commitment year after year. For a health plan, this may mean retaining an enrollee for many years which corresponds to a recurrent premium payment, or for a pharmaceutical company, drug therapies that are prescribed and maintained for long periods of time. Ultimately, brand loyalty affects the bottom line, and consumers are move visual than ever. They want innovation, modernization, and explanations that don’t waste valuable time.

III Increase sales

Potential customers need the complicated medical industry to be broken down into easy to understand basics. This helps them make better purchasing decisions. Creative explainer videos capture customer attention, and quickly tell them what they need to know. When 64% of website visitors are more likely to purchase after viewing a video, it’s time for the medical and healthcare industry to give the public what they want: explainer videos.

CINéSYN is ready to meet the needs of the medical and healthcare industry with imaginative, polished videos that capture target audiences and keep them interested in the product.  From concept to realized production, CINéSYN works with clients to create an aesthetically exciting explainer video that allows your company to engage consumers and answer the question of how the company works. This highly effective marketing technique draws in the customer and offers a wider net to cast as videos are often shared, liked, and remembered in our social media world better than written text.

Request a consultation today to find out how CINéSYN can launch your medical and healthcare company into the age of explainer videos.