Explainer Video Script

No matter how cool the animation or how silky the voiceover – the crucial part of any explanatory film for your company is the explainer video script. Getting the most out of your explainer means understanding how the script shapes your entire message from start to finish. After all, the script isn’t just the voice you hear while the pictures change. The script is what makes the pictures change, driving your video forward and getting your message across.

Putting the extra effort into making a killer script will save you time, money and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates. Here are seven tips on how to create an insanely great explainer video script.

1. Know your goal

explainer video script

What message you want to leave your viewers with? What action do you want them to take? Whether it’s subscribing to a newsletter, signing a pledge or downloading your demo, start your process by setting a goal. Beginning at the end gives your writing a sense of direction, aiming you towards an objective while keeping you from cluttering up the page listing features. It also serves as a useful benchmark through every stage of revision – anything that doesn’t support your goal, doesn’t belong in the script.

2. Keep it short

Keeping your explainer video script short and simple is just about the most complicated thing there is. More often than not, writers underestimate the challenge of explainer video length, painfully slicing away one carefully crafted line after another to make the one-minute mark. Needless to say, cramming as much information as possible into a short timeframe doesn’t work. Neither does “boiling down” your five-minute pitch off the shelf. Pick a handful of key benefits and stick to them, always keeping sight of your goal.

3. Solve a problem

The best approach to your explainer video is not writing to sell. Compose your script as if you’re solving a relatable problem in a helpful and friendly way. Identify a problem your viewer is facing, introduce your solution and describe how the issue finally becomes a thing of the past. No one wants to watch a product presentation, but everyone wants to watch a solution to their problem.

4. Stump the skeptic

explainer video script

Everyone’s a skeptic, and every market has its own variety. Get a sense of your potential customer’s doubts and reservations, and make sure your script addresses their main concerns. Disarming objection is a sure-fire way of converting your viewer into a customer, and the only way to get there is by writing a great script.

5. Level with your audience

Are you writing for millennials or baby boomers? Eco-hipsters or business managers? Choosing the style and tone of your explainer video begins with the script, not the soundtrack. Express yourself in a manner consistent with that of your target viewer, but avoid going overboard with the vernacular. Keep your language precise but friendly. When in doubt, dress it down.

6. All about action

That is to say – learn to focus more on verbs than adjectives. Verbs control action and are the most powerful words in your arsenal. Simply describing your product as efficient, genuine or handy won’t convert well. Triggering the viewer’s imagination means rolling up your sleeves to show off some action. What will your company or product enable them to do? Increase earnings? Save time? Enjoy? Protect? Explore?

7. Have fun with your explainer video script

explainer video script

Don’t be too worried about nailing the script formula to enjoy your writing. Explainer videos are a great way to connect with your market, and a unique opportunity to entertain and impress potential customers with your product. Enthusiasm rubs off – if it feels like a chore to write, it will feel like a chore to watch. So nurture that spark, enjoy your writing and start creating that insanely great explainer video script!