Animation or live action

Technological products are difficult things to explain. The average Joe or Jane walking down the street doesn’t know the ins and outs of cloud services, 4K film, hosting servers or a wireless versus wired Internet solution. Nor do they have an interest in sitting through hour-long videos that explain the intricate science that goes into making all of the technology that surrounds and work to our advantage in everyday life.

Animated explainer videos make it possible to present this information to consumers by taking them on a visual journey through, for example, their computer board or cloud service. You can pretty much do anything you want in terms of twisting, bending, shrinking or enlarging the piece of technology you want to present – an impossible feat in live action clips unless you want to get an actor to bring out the screwdriver and start plucking away. Interestingly, animation also creates a video clip that’s of a more approachable and soothing character; you can show animated explainer videos to kids and with enough visual aids, music and simple language it’s a given that they’ll retain more information than they would have from a live action ad. Because the possibilities are endless with animation, there’s really nothing you can’t do with the help of a good explainer video production company.

And speaking of actors – finding the right one is an enormous challenge. Countless hours over the course of advertising history have been spent auditioning the wrong person for the part. When you’re launching a new product or service you need someone who can present it in an appealing way. With animation, this is an easy task, simply because one can construct the narrator to your exact liking and not to mention, market research. Need a miniature character that can actually go inside your product and point out its strengths? Not a problem – the animator will have that done for you in no time. And if something needs changing or editing there’s no need for plastic surgery.

Video changes also raise the question of production costs. If something goes wrong with a live action advertisement or the end product isn’t what you had in mind, costs have a tendency to increase almost exponentially. With an animated explainer video you pay for the final clip and so any adjustments along the way are just part of the process. This decreases the amount of time your company needs to spend on overseeing production and ensures a more efficient and positive experience on your end. Bottom line is, if you want a completely flexible production experience, without frustration or worry, you really can’t go wrong in choosing animation over live action.

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