Animation videos can make your marketing go kaboom!

We may not think about it, but it’s kind of obvious – marketing gurus now have to strategize with technology and animation videos in mind. Not just production technology, like computer software, but also technology-driven communication platforms. If that last bit sounds vague, let us make it crystal clear: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and their ilk are the platforms in question.

Social media are the marketing channels a company can’t afford to ignore nowadays. But it also can’t ignore the fact that people visit these platforms to get informed AND entertained. You’ve probably guessed already: video has the highest entertainment value. This means that the Holy Grail of marketing success might be something as simple as combining information and entertainment in videos. Can you really think of a better way to achieve it than using animation videos? When your business deals in complex products or services, you should put this format very high on your marketing agenda. Let’s see why you should take that statement seriously.

1)   Social media loves video

Get ready to be impressed by some statistics. Data for 2016 show that a staggering 92% of mobile video consumers hit the share button after watching a video. A social media video leaves text and images in the dust on that count: it generates 1200% more shares compared to them.

This lengthy collection of statistics also tells us that YouTube boasts more than one billion users, which represents almost one-third of the world’s internet population. The figure is similar for Facebook, which clocks up eight billion video views daily. Imagine the possibilities if your video reaches even a portion of that gargantuan public!

But why animation videos, you may wonder. Well, the popularity crown goes to comedy videos with 39% of user votes. We all love animation videos precisely because they are fun, tell amusing stories and lift our spirits with their colorfulness and vivacity.  You’d be hard pressed to find animated videos that spread gloom and doom.

Animation videos in social media

2)   Consumers love video

Simplicity is a hard thing to achieve. Not simplicity as in crudeness but as in clarity of message and lack of visual clutter. That’s why brands are increasingly discovering that they can best tell their story through animation videos. It’s little wonder that animated explainer videos have taken off with a vengeance. One of those beauties allows a company to present its product or service in a clear, easy way. Viewers get introduced to the brand in an engaging manner and absorb the necessary information while having fun. Is there really a better way to make a first impression?

If you want consumers to notice your brand and spread the word, give them videos. Why? To begin with, a vast majority of companies have benefited from video marketing: 82% of marketers say it has delivered positive results for their organization.

Now check out how internet users feel about videos: if you present them with a text and a video, 80% will watch your video, but a mere 20% will read your written content. In addition, 90% say they rely on help from a video when deciding on a purchase.

Let’s get back to animation and why it may be the best option for your marketing needs. That long list of figures also includes the finding that 60% of viewers stop watching by the second minute. For almost two-thirds of consumers, the preferable video length is under 60 seconds. See where we’re going with this? Marketing animation videos, especially explainer videos, typically run between 60 and 90 seconds, which gives them excellent chances of being watched in full.

3)   Business executives love video

You can’t go wrong with videos even if your product or service targets enterprise customers. It appears that business executives are more inclined to read than consumers, but they still prefer video: 59% claim so. Moreover, 75% of them say they visit corporate websites to watch business-related videos at least once a week. Marketing videos also prompt 65% of executives to visit the company’s website, while 39% of them pick up the phone and dial the vendor’s number.

Awesome, isn’t it? Whoever you target with your video, you have great chances of getting results.

4)   The Lord of the Internet loves video

That would be Google, of course. Like it or not, search engine rankings are inextricably linked to the visibility of your brand and the success of your marketing campaigns. To put in another way, video is great for SEO. Google will reward your page for sporting a video, not to mention that such pages have better chances of receiving backlinks.

But even if you think you can somehow trick Google, here are some statistics that should make you pay attention: 56% of consumers believe that if a company has a website, it should also have videos.

5)   Your CFO will love animation videos

The person responsible for your company’s finances will obviously want to make sure that your investment is sound. They may balk at certain marketing costs but should get on board once they see the results. Let’s specify first that we’re talking about animation videos here, which we believe to be the best and most cost-effective choice for video marketing purposes.

Whiteboard animation videos are passe and you may not do well with live action videos. Not that they can’t work sometimes, but their high cost is hardly justified in most cases. Moreover, live action is practically out of the question for start-ups and small companies. But you know what? They can do perfectly fine without it because they have animation videos as an option.

Back to your CFO. S/he should have no problem with investing in animation videos because you can achieve maximum results at an affordable price. What you get in return is an engaged audience and content that works well across platforms.

Let’s throw in a couple of figures here to convince your CFO that spending on videos is an excellent idea. Marketers using video get 41% more search traffic and 52% of them name video the content type with the best ROI. Videos are also estimated to increase understanding of a product or service by 74%. With explainer videos in particular, the increase in conversion rates reaches 20%.

Go forth now and spread the video

If you’ve just woken up to the potential of animation video, make sure you do your homework before taking the plunge. There are countless sites and software suites that promise you’ll be able to create phenomenal videos while sipping your morning coffee. Do you really believe it? Amination may look simple, but tons of work go into achieving that engaging and effortless look.

Animation videos design

To wrap up, animation videos will do your business a world of good, but you have to let the professionals work their magic. We believe this number is enough of a warning for DIY animation enthusiasts: 62% of consumers are more likely to gain a negative perception when a brand offers an inferior video experience.

Your turn to share now. Has animation video delivered results for you? If you’ve been disappointed, can you pinpoint the reason for the letdown? We look forward to hearing about your experiences with video marketing.