A company video can really help you in this day and age of digital advertising

We have been complaining about noise in the physical world for decades. Now we are also under attack from all the noise coming from the digital world. Information overload is the bane of the modern age. The internet and mobile devices have made it possible to access any information in seconds, wherever we may be. However, we are also bombarded by messages and content we don’t actively seek out.  

This state of affairs makes it extremely difficult for brands to stand out and be heard. Marketing has become a form of high art. The techniques and approaches that worked in the analog age can’t do the job nowadays without adaptation. But there is one marketing form that requires little tweaking and works perfectly for the new realities. This is the company video and it’s the pillar of the most powerful marketing trend at present – video marketing.

It’s no wonder that company videos are all the rage nowadays. One type in particular, the animated explainer video, has soared in popularity. As it turns out, animation is a perfect medium for telling a corporate story or presenting products and services in a simple, engaging way. The numbers speak for themselves, as we’ll see in a second.

Company Video

The perks of video marketing in general

Video marketing works, it’s as simple as that. Great written content is fine, but it will lose the attention-grabbing race when pitted against quality video content.

So let’s see what research shows. This year, online video is expected to account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. The proportion is forecast to reach 79% by 2018. It should also be noted that 55% of people watch videos on a daily basis, with half of all mobile traffic attributed to online video.

And how does using video benefit marketing campaigns? According to 52% of marketers, it delivers results in building brand awareness. In addition, 45% cite it as effective for lead generation, and 42% gave it the thumbs-up for online engagement.

Video also beats any other content when it comes to conversions, as reported by 70% of marketers. Corporate websites that have a company video boast an average conversion rate of 4.8% versus 2.9% for those lacking video content. And here’s a number that speaks volumes: four times as many consumers prefer watching a video about a product or service to reading about it.

Given the massive impact of social media, brands really can’t ignore video. Social media users are gluttons for video and your message could reach an enormous audience. Research has found that social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and pictures combined.
Company Video

The perks of animated company video in particular

Animation always carries a hint of nostalgia but in the good sense. We have all grown up watching animated films and associate them with the carefree, happy days of childhood. It’s therefore easy to understand why companies can establish an emotional bond with viewers when they use animated explainer videos.

Once you get people hooked, all sorts of benefits will follow. To begin with, explainer videos achieve an impressive 74% increase in consumer understanding of your product and service. This, in turn, sharply increases the chances of their conversion into buyers. In fact, explainer videos have been found to increase conversion rates by up to 60%! A video of this kind makes customers 85% more likely to purchase.

But these are only a fraction of the benefits you can reap by using a company video. They will also drive your business by ranking your corporate website higher on Google. The SEO boost will include a 41% jump in click-through rates. You’ll also be able to keep visitors longer on your website: video can get them to stick around for two minutes on average from an initial eight seconds.

Why technology companies favor animated videos

The story of Dropbox has become the classic example of the power of company videos, especially in the case of technology companies. The meteoric rise of this business began at the point when it removed everything but its explainer video from the home page. When visiting the website, people had no other choice but to watch the clip. And since it explained the service in an easy, imaginative and fun way, there were no complaints. In fact, it was truly the making of Dropbox. Within a year of betting on the company video, the company had doubled its user base and recorded a 10% increase in conversions.

And what about Pinterest? This company has also relied on animated explainer videos to help people understand what the platform is about.  Spotify, the digital music service, is also a massive fan of animated videos. By combining fun visuals with upbeat music, it delivers its message effectively with minimum verbal clutter.

The thing about tech companies is that their products are often intangible entities. While some of them produce physical objects, many deal in software products. How do you explain such products to people with limited or no knowledge of technology (which would be the vast majority of the population)? You bet on simplicity and brevity, that’s how. Your strongest weapon is the animated explainer video. You can bend reality without anyone raising an eyebrow and only your imagination is the limit. These videos also have the advantage of being easier to edit or update.

Company Video

Why animated videos can cut through the noise

People nowadays don’t have the time or inclination to research and read long explanatory posts. They also want to be entertained and engaged on top of being presented with relevant information. It’s easy to see why animated videos are so memorable and effective. They condense the necessary information into 60 to 90 seconds. They make complex concepts easy to understand, very often in a humorous or quirky way. When people watch one of those explainer videos, they get the whole package.

These videos stick in the mind and when an experience is memorable, people naturally want to share it. And sharing is the word-of-mouth equivalent in the digital age. Create a killer explainer video, get it out there and let the online population elevate your offering above the noise.

It’s hard for a brand to stand out in a crammed digital world. It needs to speak to consumers in an engaging, caring way without overwhelming them with information. At the same time, the brand message has to be clearly communicated along with the benefits of the product/service. All signs point to a company video as the best way to achieve these goals.

Would you like to tell us about your experience with video? Do you actually use explainer videos in your marketing campaigns? If not, what could convince you to embrace the format?