Five Great Ways To Use An Explainer Video

Whether you represent a large, well-established business or a smaller one just getting off the ground, you might wonder about the need for explainer videos. Will they increase your revenue? Your customer reach? And can they even begin to do the same job as you or one of your employees already does for your business and products? Explainer videos are wonderful tools that take the bumps and challenges that often occur as a result of misunderstandings between a business and its customers out of the equation. Here are five great ways to use them.

For business promotion

There are literally millions of businesses in the world trying to achieve a larger customer reach by making themselves visible and approachable. The arrival of the Internet has made this process a lot easier – and harder. How do you stand out amongst the thousands of competing businesses across the globe? Explainer videos are great for promoting your business in a simple way that appeals to your potential customers. Often times, people are overwhelmed by the choice of service providers out there, and by having a great explainer video to promote your business new customers won’t think twice when making their choice.

For product explanation

When promoting a product or service, it’s vital that your customers not only understand how, but also believe that your business will help them. With an explainer video that uses music, visuals and an excellent voiceover to communicate your product message, you engage with your customers by means of business creativity and individuality. This in turn creates consumer trust and belief in your product or service.

For business structure and mission

Things can get complicated in businesses with multiple products, services, and not to mention departments. Customers easily get lost in the labyrinth that is getting to where they want to go in their service provider’s structure, and explainer videos are perfect for avoiding misunderstandings, frustration and unhappy customers. Breaking your business down by means of a fun, straightforward video is sure to increase your customer reach and conversion and it’s also a great way of communicating your mission in an appealing manner that’ll make your business stand out in the crowd.

Project presentations

So you’re starting on a new project and you want to get your employees invested in and excited about the work ahead. What better way to introduce the project plan, timeline and tasks than with an explainer video? Your staff members need to believe that the work they do is important, and by breaking down the ins and outs of a project you’ll ensure they’ve understood exactly why all hands on deck is essential to company success.

For customer relations

Explainer videos make customer relations and service a walk in the park. They advise your customers in an engaging way and prevent all those unnecessary calls to your service centre that could have been avoided. Whether you want to explain the a-z of customer service in your business or the process from a case is registered till it’s solved, an explainer video is the perfect tool. It will ensure your customers feel safe and informed before they even pick up their phone to call your business, and keep the entire customer relations affair running smoothly.