Explainer video fixes product impossible to explain

Sometimes through the course of history, a truly remarkable invention is born. The wheel, the compass, the printing press, the telephone.. and the Internet. Of course, none of these products’ inventors had explainer videos to help them convince the world of their incredible magnitude. Luckily, the same doesn’t go for the new technological products and services that arrive on the market in our world today. We have the history of scientific knowledge to help us in our quest to convince the globe’s population of our genius. But still, how do you explain the brilliance of a product that is so complex even its creator has a hard time putting into words what she has accomplished?

Enter: explainer videos. As we’ve mentioned on our blog before, there’s really nothing you can’t do with this wonderful tool. The process that’s taken months or years comes to life in a short, sophisticated form that is flexible enough to appeal to any consumer group. Just imagine trying to explain to a child how the Internet works. How can text that you type into a computer come back with millions of results in a matter of seconds? Where do the words go? What do they bring back? How do they come to life on the website? Difficult questions, right? Well, if you break down the science, the technology and the creation process, and extract the most basic concepts from these elements, you’re left with a wonderfully simple explanation. Add some colour, sound and animation and suddenly you have a piece of beautiful video that lets any person, anywhere in the world, access knowledge they can understand.

3D printing is taking the world by storm. This process allows you to turn solid material into things, foods and even human organs by means of 3D designer software and a printer. And it raises thousands of questions. A printer uses ink, doesn’t it? And prints on paper? Pictures, sure, but a human heart? It sounds almost too impossible to be true. Although the basic process is the same as with 2D paper printing, how do you explain that biological material can be turned into organs? When this product became known across the globe thousands of people had millions of questions about how this process is even possible. So it should come as no surprise that hundreds of explainer videos have followed to try answering a handful of these questions.

And they work. Not only do these short videos clarify exactly how Martian soil is going to be turned into Martian space stations by NASA in the near future – they do it in an interesting, engaging and entertaining way. It seems the product that was impossible to explain wasn’t really after all – and all from the help of some animation, creativity and a great explainer video.