Reaching out to customers in a unique and innovative way is becoming harder and harder these days, companies both big and small are bending over backwards to make use of the wonders of the internet; suddenly using social media, viral advertising and promotional videos to raise awareness and entice new customers. This blog aims to explore how and why producing short informational videos is the way forward for small and large companies alike.

Thanks to websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn a number of companies have noticed a significant rise in their online traffic, whilst others have found themselves left in the dust of huge corporations such as Amazon. Yet there is a form of internet promotion that few of the worlds leading companies have yet to cotton on to; promotional, informational videos, webisodes, call them what you like, but a surprising majority of the biggest companies in the world have failed to utilize this increasingly popular trend.

The Promotional Video Experts

One company that successfully uses this tool is, unsurprisingly, Facebook – who better to be “on the button” for the latest social media phenomenon? The Facebook business page includes a short narrated promotional video that briefly explains how Facebook can be used to promote a business. This simple and accessible form of promotion is not only so straight-forward even the biggest technophobe can understand it, but the script and screenplay are both snappy and to the point enough that it easily covers all the required fields, leaving the finished product persuasive without being intimidating.Promotional Video

The most impressive aspect of the Facebook for Businesses video is the way it taps into the already popular theme of this particular social networking site: Sharing. The script is filled with references to terms that now have a special meaning to Facebook users; “like”, “share” and “friend”, further encouraging those watching the promotional video to recognise that Facebook is the one and only place that offers you this particular opportunity.

But it’s not just the social media giant that’s taken advantage of this trend, other companies you wouldn’t expect to be quite so in the know have various explanatory videos on their home pages that help introduce their companies and services.

Exxon Mobil for example, one of the world’s largest companies with one of the largest profit turnovers per year, uses a short flash video on their homepage to advertise their key services. Clicking on this video then takes you to a number of other videos that give further detail of the various products available through Exxon and its offshoot companies. Using a flash video in this fashion may be a little more user friendly for some; the simple and soundless loop covering the basic details of the company’s products and motivations in half the time for a fraction of the price of a fully animated or narrated video. However it does not carry the same persuasive weight that a scripted promotional video might.

Other companies have gone entirely the other way however, retail giant Tesco PLC have a wealth of videos on their websites that range from information about the companies background to their current promotions. Each video can be accessed individually from a list of categories or the entire list of promotional videos is available on Tesco’s YouTube site. These videos include a series of talking heads discussing and promoting the beliefs and values of the company – a particularly strong motivational tool in the current field of social and economical decline – whilst other celebrity narrated shorts that are essentially the same as those aired on TV, discuss the particular promotions taking place at the moment.

Referring back to YouTube though, one of the companies you may be surprised to learn has not invested in this trend of video promotion is Google Inc. Despite acquiring YouTube, the global internet company have filled their home page with text and still images, even shunning the aforementioned flash banners.

This refusal to implement the increasingly popular sales and promotion trend leaves Google’s homepage too word heavy and shockingly inaccessible to many users.

In video production terms promotional video production is an increasingly popular market for businesses and those in the sales industry. Companies desire short but eloquent videos that promote their values, explain their mission statements and cover their industrial history. Various companies already exist that provide this service, like us, though it is a surprisingly under tapped market that is just waiting for able entrepreneurs.

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