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When you want to promote your SEO business, there is no doubt you have the SEO part down well. However, you can take your marketing a step further with an SEO explainer video that gives a short and entertaining explanation of your services. The explainer video is a way to tell your story so that those watching can better connect with you. This connection can lower bounce rates and increase conversion rates. The video is also a great tool to generate interest on social media and pull people to your website. You can even improve your SEO rankings, making the explainer video a vital part of your SEO strategy.

Ultimately, an SEO explainer video will show that you know your stuff. Instead of people having to read about SEO and interpret it, they have a visual aid that implements SEO practices to reach them. To them, this is showing what your SEO firm is capable of. Consider that having a video will instill more trust in your target audience. Because they are very likely to shop around, your business having a video will look more credible than a competitor that doesn’t. Your audience recognizes effort when they see it, and they also see video as an easy gateway to your services. People like easy, so it is important to give it to them.

Boost Your Google Ranking with an SEO Explainer Video

seo explainer video

There are several ways that promotional video can increase your Google ranking. When you embed a video on your website, Google is going to rank your website above another without a video. You could build two identical sites and the website with the video will be ranked above the one that doesn’t have a SEO explainer video. An interesting observation is that of the top 100 search results for any given search, approximately 70 percent of them contains video content, according to Kiss Metrics. That is a lot of video content.

While social media doesn’t directly influence your rankings, posting the video over all your social media platforms will indirectly make a difference. Any time people see content worthy of sharing, they share it and extend the reach of your content. According to Statista, photos and videos are the most frequently shared types of content. This is certainly something to capitalize on, especially since Statista says that 46 percent of social media users regularly share online content. Approximately 57 percent of the social sharing happens on Facebook. This is why you need a video that will appeal to different people in different ways. Even if they aren’t business owners, perhaps an element of your video will encourage them to pass it on.

Video Engages and Redirects Traffic

seo explainer video

For someone to be encouraged to pass on an explainer video, the video has to be engaging. The video can’t be boring. While many people find SEO to be boring and confusing, this is an opportunity to make it exciting and understandable. You don’t have to throw in the technical jargon. Instead, you can tell your audience that you have what can solve their marketing problems. Think about all the nontechnical questions that people ask about SEO and have the answers integrated into the production of the video.

When the video is engaging and answers consumer questions, the sharing activities and button clicking that directs viewers to your site lead to an increase in traffic. Increasing traffic is essentially the whole purpose of an explainer video that is posted to social media. The link is also considered an inbound link. As an SEO expert, you know that quality links are important. This type of promo video is a way to get a link. You also know that traffic is a ranking factor, so it is obvious that driving traffic using the video is going to be a rank booster.

As traffic starts coming in via the video, you can track your metrics to see how well the video is doing. The first explainer video is a success if you get conversions. You will truly be able to tell how people are receiving the video after you post a second video. Having two videos to compare will allow you to see which consumers react to the best. Of course, it is good to keep in mind the rule that higher traffic doesn’t always mean higher conversions. If a video with higher conversions did so with less traffic, it’s essentially the more successful video.

Capitalize on the Trend

seo explainer video

When you opt for an SEO explainer video to boost exposure, boost rankings, and increase your conversions, you are capitalizing on a trend that is probably going nowhere. People love these videos. They don’t have time to sit around all day and watch long productions. They like short and to the point, but they also like to be entertained. When you have an explainer video produced, you call the shots as to what information you want it to contain. You can opt for animated or non-animated video. The video can appeal to your audience in many ways. Based on the advertising you’ve done in the past, you most likely have a good idea of what your target audience does and doesn’t respond to. Use that information to have something created that is much more memorable than a piece of sales copy.

Basically, an explainer video is going to be a good choice for your SEO firm. Because your business specializes in SEO, your audience holds you to a higher standard. A video is going to show that you know what you’re talking about.

All in all, you will instill trust when you have an engaging piece that is embedded on your website and posted throughout social media. That way, you can drive traffic, increase your rankings, and enjoy the return on investment that the video will bring. You can reach an entirely new group of people within your target audience using this medium.

So, what do you think of the most recent explainer videos you have seen online? What qualities stood out to you? Leave a comment below to let us know.