Whiteboard animation was a good start, but you can find higher quality in custom animation

Dare To Reach Higher: Why Whiteboard Animation’s Best Days May Be Behind It

Unless you’re an alien crash-landed on Earth or a babe in arms, you’ll know YouTube. And while feasting on that video smorgasbord, you’ve probably sampled quite a few whiteboard animation videos. They can show you all kinds of things such as how to make a killer PowerPoint presentation, how to get the best price for your home, how crowdfunding works or which insurance product you should consider buying.

3 Ways Explainer Videos Help the Medical Industry

I have to get your attention quickly! This is important! Within 15 seconds you’ll decide whether you will stay on this page and read how explainer videos can help the medical industry or whether you’ll switch to Facebook or Google. At least, that’s what one study suggests, and in today’s Internet age it is more important than ever for businesses to capture their audience immediately.

7 Tips on How to Create An Insanely Great Explainer Video Script

No matter how cool the animation or how silky the voiceover – the crucial part of any explainer video is the script. Getting the most out of your explainer video means understanding how the script shapes your entire message from start to finish. After all, the script isn't just the voice you hear while the pictures change. The script is what makes the pictures change, driving your video forward and getting your message across.

A Product That Was Impossible to Explain…

Sometimes through the course of history, a truly remarkable invention is born. The wheel, the compass, the printing press, the telephone.. and the Internet. Of course, none of these products’ inventors had explainer videos to help them convince the world of their incredible magnitude. Luckily, the same doesn’t go for the new technological products and services that arrive on the market in our world today. We have the history of scientific knowledge to help us in our quest to convince the globe’s population of our genius. But still, how do you explain the brilliance of a product that is so complex even its creator has a hard time putting into words what she has accomplished?

Five Great Ways to Use an Explainer Video

Whether you represent a large, well-established business or a smaller one just getting off the ground, you might wonder about the need for explainer videos. Will they increase your revenue? Your customer reach? And can they even begin to do the same job as you or one of your employees already does for your business and products? Explainer videos are wonderful tools that take the bumps and challenges that often occur as a result of misunderstandings between a business and its customers out of the equation. Here are five great ways to use them.