Video explainers

50 years after American showman Bobb Goldsteinn coined the term multimedia, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without it. Simply put, multimedia is content that uses more than one form of content to relay its message, and countless studies have shown that customers remember more information when it’s presented to them by means of verbal and visual forms. In 2012 Liz Fitzgerald, a lecturer from the Open University Institute of Educational Technology, presented a study showing that out of 211 undergraduate students, 95% were visual and bimodal (no preference) learners and only 5% were verbal. In other words: almost all of your customers will prefer multimedia content over a boring website to understand your business.

Adding to this is the staggering drop in the attention span of Internet views. In 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds. In 2015? 8.25 seconds. Believe it or not, that’s 0.75 seconds shorter than the attention span of a goldfish. In turn, this means that you have less than 9 seconds to get your customers interested in your products and services. And that is where the wonderful tool of explainer videos enter the picture. This resource actually forces you to narrow your message down to such a concentrated multimedia format that you’re guaranteed customer interest within the aforementioned attention span – so long, of course, as your video is engaging, fun, interesting and relevant.

An explainer video comes with endless possibilities for attracting customers. It allows you to put all of your market research into a short clip disguised as a cool, interactive piece of information that’s really appealing directly to your target audience. With this tool you can introduce your business, a new product, an existing service, your customer relations process, all without making it seem like you’re advertising. It becomes a learning experience, rather than an annoying ad – and the conversion increase only goes to show that this method works.

In his article The Rise of The Explainer Video, Rico Andrade writes that with his previous employer, companies that kept track of their data experienced a 15%-75% improved conversion rate when they added explainer videos to their websites – and that was with zero other changes. In the piece, he also refers to Jason Kincaid’s 2009 article, which discussed how powerful the explainer video tool can be, most notably in relation to business journalists.

There is no better advertisement than media coverage. Customers believe in the media as an objective, informed communication system and if you can get your business mentioned by a newspaper, TV channel or popular website you’re far more likely to attract customers. But how to attract the journalists? Well, as Kincaid wrote: “a lot of reporters really are quite lazy”. He meant this not in the sense that they do bad jobs, but that when it comes to research, if a journalist can’t find what he or she is looking for quickly, they are just as likely as a customer to move onto the next topic. An explainer video nips that problem right in the bud and ensures your business doesn’t go wanting for media coverage.